Accidental Meetings w/ Laksa & 96 Back

22nd March


Oi! We're back with a quick turnaround for part 2 of our series.

Taking Back Control

29th March


On March 29th 2019 something crap might be happening in Britain.

Golden Delicious presents Shangri-La

30th March 2019


Your Golden Delicious hostesses Julie Devine and Sephie Deacon blissfully invite you to Shangri-La.

Cupboard Music presents: BILGE PUMP + SUPPORT

4th April


Back in Brighton as they release 'We Love You', their first album in ten years!

Fable: Chapter ii

5th April


A 'Fable' explores creations with limitless borders.
We explore the enchanting musical mutiny that is enlightening 
the world. A new generation giving birth to organic, highly 
danceable, cultural-infused music.

Ray Mang & A Man Called Adam (live)

6th April


Yes, that's right. We are 4 years old this year. We launched our online broadcast on Good Friday Apr 3rd 2015 and here we are, four eventful years down the line.

Gina Laline: Finding Your Truth

5th March - 9th April


Why do we stop 'acting normal' as soon as we have to act? In this series of workshops I'll be guiding you to find your honesty, your impulses and how to believe your intuition when making dramatic decisions.

Bob Log III

10th April


Hailing from Tuscon, Arizona and raised on a diet of ACDC and Hasil Atkins, Bob has taken his one man show to every corner of the Earth, perfecting each aspect and polishing it up until its a real, live 'Log Bomb' about to go off!

BN: Porridge Radio, Bloom & SUEP

11th April


Selected by The Guardian as favourites to watch in 2018, Porridge Radio began as Dana Margolin’s sadcore bedroom project in 2012. Now a post-punk 5-piece, they inelegantly knot together vicious, furious emotional outpour with beautifully melodic pop songs.

Forever and Today

17th April


A cabaret evening, full of song and laughter with local singer Claire Marlowe.

Canned Aid Presents: An Evening of New Theatre

24th April


Canned Aid presents an evening of new writing in theatre, come join the fun and support the Brighton Foodbank


25th April


Back in the Woods Promotions are proud to present alt rock icons Marine at the Rialto Theatre. With special guests The Black Fields