The Science of Chocolate with Blast Science

16th Feb

So, chocolate … yummy stuff right? But what IS it? How is it made? What’s the science behind it? Why is it so crazily delicious?

Well, if you’d like to know your beans from your butter and your nibs from your pods, then this show is for you. Prepare to be harvested, dried, raked and roasted in the name of science. 

Join Lydia Samuel and Pip Henderson to learn about conching, tempering and the secret behind bubbly chocolate. Do you know how many chocolate beans could buy you a rabbit? Or how many cups of xocolatl the Aztecs drank a day? Featuring chocolate slime, chocolate bugs, chocolate bubbles and CHOCOLATE. Did we mention there’ll be actual chocolate on offer?! As if you needed persuading. See you there.

Blast Science started out as an idea at a kitchen table in the Sussex countryside and was formulated over a lot of good coffee and homemade cake. The idea was to set up a fantastic, gold-plated science extravaganza, delivering awesome science shows in schools across Sussex and beyond, and offering fast-paced and entertaining science-themed birthday parties to kids of all ages. To infinity and beyond, let’s get this show on the road … after all, it’s only rocket science …

Ages 5+ (no unaccompanied children)

£8 (£6 concessions)

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