Taking Back Control

29th March

On March 29th 2019 something crap might be happening in Britain.

But something great is going to happen in Brighton.

No one can take away our international cultural community. 

We’re going to celebrate with words and music and groovy moves that make a nonsense of borders.

At the Rialto Theatre we’ll have performers from France, Spain, Denmark, Lebanon, Canada, USA, Ireland, Scotland and England. There will be Spanish rap, Arabic poetry, Glaswegian genius, Brighton wit and Sussex rage!

The show will open with young spoken word artists joining a live stream of performances alongside others at events in Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Portugal and other parts of the UK.

And then we’ll have two stages of performers including the best of Hammer and Tongue and the international community of the Paris Lit Up poets.

Joe Bunn, Bard of Worthing, will do something wild and unpredictable, as is his way, inspired by the phenomenon that is Eurovision.

We are blessed to have Mark McG (Girobabies/ Jackal Trades) down from Glasgow with his sharp narrative, genius lyricism, seriocomic slant and husky voice.

Sombras will intertwine Spanish and English fire, the Uproar choir will raise a rebellious fist and glorious song, and The Private Sector and The Indelicates, both bands masters of the sound of scorn, will scare, seduce and reduce you to laughter or tears.

We will then either go out into the streets, rip up the paving slabs and riot, or dance like particularly dancey dancing things to the hiphop beats of DJ Tyni and the perhaps funky, perhaps soulful, perhaps rock’n’roll tunes of DJ A N Other.

Either way, we’re doing it together and taking back control.

The Indelicates
Jackal Trades
The Girobabies
Paris Lit Up
Hammer & Tongue Brighton
Joe Bunn: The Bard of Worthing
Michael James Parker - Big Performance Poet
UpRoar People's Choir
The Private Sector

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£5 Concession