Cabarave Goes Wild ft. Buffo's Wake

28th September


So according to "science" summer is over and there's no festivals for another nine months because we live under a perpetual rain cloud. BUT FEAR NOT. We are not giving up on fun so easily. 

Join us for the last of the summer holidays, somewhere hot where a menagerie of untamed creatures walks among us. 

UNLEASH THE BEAST: let your inner puppy off the leash, the kitty out the bag, the bird fly from its nest, the snail a night out of the shell. Un-domesticate yourself and remember heavy petting is not only allowed but actively encouraged.

It's time to RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE, ditch the Atari for SAFARI and spread your wings!

★★★ LINE UP ★★★

★Buffo's Wake★

Who better to go wild and lose your Shih-Tzu to than the group of uncaged beasts otherwise known as BUFFO'S WAKE. Self proclaimed 'gypsy punk lunatics with a taste for the macabre' these dudes have been tearing the global music scene a new genre-hole with their unique sound of Gypsy Punk/ Horror Folk, Balkan Ska/Dark Cabaret.

You won't be able to help yourself from shakin' your tailfeather/tail/ASS (donkey).


Not a fish himself but into Bass music, this DJ/producer will make you go feral. 
So say goodbye to your friends, civilised conversation and personal space for one hour and let loose.

★DJ Eggs Legs★

This DJ will have you all doing the funky chicken or flashy crocodile or Egg-laying-animal-of-your-choice dance.
DJ Eggs Legs' tropical omellete includes Highlife, Afro funk, soukous, chicha, samba, cuban styles, shangaan and many more.


The last of his kind, the "Shillin" plays the loudest, most diverse and funkiest mating call in all of the rainforest seeking to attract a mate of his (or similar) kind. 

Considered by many to be a myth, we had to track him for several weeks by his unique prints.*

*he will be returned to his natural environment after this event and he is tagged for conservation purposes

★DJ Can't Say No★

Born in the year of the monkey and frequently up to no good this cheeky DJ is invoking the spirit of the early human for the latest slot we got going, when you all resemble one the most.

She won't stop until you're smiling, swinging and throwing your feces at one another.


★Coco Deville★

Wow and meow. 
Coco is in the building and she can't wait to get her claws into you for a stunning burlesque set. 
A Cabarave first: this is not one to miss!

★Laura Loops★

Prepare to be mesmerised and dazzled, like a dog watching a ball, as Laura Loops works her hoopla magic.

★Sirona Thorneycroft★

Always dressing and undressing for her audience this talented woman is the Queen of the Peacock. Every time she gives a predatory performance and we can't wait to be snatched by this one.

With interactive entertainment:

★The Cabaraver's Cabazoo★ 

★ Krufts★

★Tarot★ & ★Astrology★

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£7 Early Birds
£10 Advanced
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