City Books presents: John Niven

3rd October


in conversation with SALI HUGHES

The long-awaited sequel to the cult debut ‘Kill Your Friends’ confirms John Niven as our finest comic satirist

 John Niven is the author of the novella ‘Music from Big Pink’ and the novels ‘Kill Your Friends’, ‘The Amateurs’, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘Cold Hands’, ‘Straight White Male’, ‘The Sunshine Cruise Company’ and ‘No Good Deed’.

It is 2017 – the time of Trump, Brexit and fake news. And time for the return of Steven Stelfox, exactly twenty years on from his Britpop heyday. Now forty-seven and rich beyond the dreams of avarice, Stelfox works only occasionally as a music industry ‘consultant’. A fixer. A problemsolver. He’s had a call from his old friend James Trellick, president of one of the largest record companies in America. Trellick has a huge headache on his hands in the shape of …

Lucius Du Pre. The biggest pop star on earth. Well, once the biggest pop star on earth. Now he’s a helpless junkie and a prolific, unrepentant sexual predator. Through a programme of debt restructuring so complex even Trellick can barely understand it, Du Pre is massively in hock to the record company. The only way he can possibly pay it off is to embark on a worldwide comeback tour he’s in no shape to do. The picture is further complicated when the parents of one of Du Pre’s ‘special friends’ begin blackmailing him.

Enter Stelfox stage right. With stealth and cunning he begins to chart a road out of the nightmare and to make a killing in the process. For this age of ‘American carnage’ – of populism, of the lowest common denominator, of the Big Lie – is truly Stelfox’s time to shine. But in this time of uncertainty, nothing is a given.

Sali Hughes is resident beauty columnist for Guardian Weekend magazine and a features and comment writer for a range of magazines. She is also a weekly contributor to BBC radio 5 live.


There’s nothing faster, sadder or funnier than John Niven on men.’  Caitlin Moran

John Niven understands our era better than almost anyone.’ Douglas Coupland

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