VisCom Prom

20th March


Get into your parents dresses and suits, hire the cheapest limo company you can find, and prepare your silly American head for a musical ball with subtle viscom themes. What a rollercoaster college has been! You’ve experimented with drugs, your sexuality, and perhaps some drawings and typography, but like a very very long limousine, it must come to an end. So we’ve booked out a community hall, found someone’s dad to DJ for us and now all we need is a room full of slightly uncomfortable visual communicators to dance slowly.

It’s the last chance to ask out that hunk from Omega Six frat house, and the first chance to be titled *VISCOM PROM QUEEN* or *VISCOM PROM KING* (Crowns may or may not be provided). Dinner jackets are obligatory if you would like to wear one, but don’t expect any dinner to be served, unless your definition of dinner is an array of powerful and inspiring tracks. As you walk your date down the stairs of your house, checking the look of disappointment in your Father's eyes, and the look of confused pride in your Mother's, remember:

Life is short, techno songs are long.


A Fundraiser Club Night for Level 5 & 6 VisCom at Brighton University! Everyone welcome!

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Advance Tickets - £4 (Link to follow)
O.T.D - £6