Nu Tribe - A New Earth

Sept 22nd


A Club Night Like No Other
An Indoor Festival Experience in the Heart of Brighton

After our amazing second Birthday event in June, we return to Rialto Theatre for the continuation of our journey into the new paradigm of clubbing with an array of amazing musicians, DJs, MCs and entertainers to uplift, inspire, astound and break new ground.

This is complemented by various immersive group activities for you to participate in, including:

• The Opening Ceremonial Circle 
• Drum Circle and Tribal Dance Jam
• Spoken Word and MC Open Mic Cypher.

At Nu Tribe we create a safe container for you to relax and unwind, celebrate, dance and be free in your self expression. 
A space to connect with others, share inspiration and grow community.

We are transcending the need for escapism and hedonism by creating a refreshing environment where genuine, wholesome, human loving connection and celebration can be experienced.

We invite and encourage you to revel in the natural ecstasy of your own being and co-create magic and wonder with your community / tribe.

At Nu Tribe we carefully curate our events to create a festival atmosphere, which frees you to have profound experiences and be the change you want to see in the world.

A new reality and paradigm is manifesting itself on Planet Earth. 
It is the creative arts, music and self expression that is bringing about this change.
Brighton is a spiritual and creative epicentre for its manifestation. 
We / you are an integral catalyst for this.
We welcome and honour you, your passion and creativity to create an amazing atmosphere and experience alongside our selected musicians/artists & entertainers.

We provide a supportive platform for the finest local musicians and creators to perform alongside established special guests.
Together we are creating a new culture of vibrant living where freedom and celebration of self expression, love, empathy and common unity are the foundation of our evolution.

This is your invite to delve into the world of new paradigm clubbing.

To experience a club night like no other…

Are you ready!?




Main Arena - Avalon

Live Musicians

Bob Hillary
Simplify Album Launch

Yazmyn Hendrix

Ren Gill & Friends

DJ Mu - (Zutopia/Zu Studios)
Playing Funk, Soul, Disco, 80's, House

*** Special Guest DJ *** 

Hosted By YoU & I VerSe

Immersive Group Activities -

Opening Ceremonial Circle 
Hosted by our resident shaman, Jen-ix Sessions

Drum Circle & Tribal Dance Jam 
Led by Ben Howard, specialist drummer & Ben Jammin, multi instrumentalist and freestyle mc, we will take you on a waveform journey from grounding drum patterns to ecstatic heights, back to the groundedness of your own being, finishing with a meditation in stillness.
You can bring a drum or a percussion instrument, or just bring yourself to move your body and feel free to add to the harmony with your vocal tones.

Spoken Word and MC Open Mic Cypher 
An invite to delve into & embody the power of spoken word. What can you share that will raise the bar and inspire?


The Earth Garden - Acoustic Chillout Lounge & World Music



Vanessa Forero

Joe Hitchcock


Lou Noble

Joseph Duquemin

Calum Juan Hernandez Taylor

Hosted by Oisin Hendrix 

DJ Bandalero (aka Donald Shier)
In Brighton Live, Radio 4a & BHCR - Brighton World Music Radio Show
Playing World Music Grooves

Additional Features & Entertainment

New Earth Decor and Fancy Dress Theme (Think Futuristic! How will the Earth (and You?) feel when we shift into unity consciousness and the fifth dimension?!)
Stage Dancers
Magnus the Fan Man
Cacao and smoothie bar 
(Cacao & invigorating smoothies to fuel your journey on the dancefloor throughout the night.
Please note: there is a full bar at the venue serving various alcoholic drinks)
Angel Card, Tarot and Astrology Readings

Upcoming Performances


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