Sidereal Ziggurat! Baby Vanga, Roxalas, Hill, Case Of Us & More!


So Donald the Mystical antler man from planet Mu and some of his musical friends performed a cosmic star ritual at the Rialto theatre last November. This opened up a tear in the fabric of spacetime. Past and Future have combined to make something unspeakable! A mysterious musical star pyramid has now appeared at the Rialto... The Sidereal Ziggurat!

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■Upstairs Acts■
- Baby Vanga
- Roxalas
- Hill
- Case of Us
- DJ Eggs Legs

●Downstairs Acts●
- Woody Green
- Yasmin Henrdryx
- Ciara Gayer
- Kianna Blue
- Iain Paxon
- DJ U.F.Oberon
- More TBA

* An Admission price of £5!
* A Dress Code of Ancient-Future!
* A Pyramid on stage w/ Projections!
* Tarot Readings from...
Shuala Lesath (The Eyes of the Cosmic Kat)!
* Paint your own Sidereal Ziggurat!
* Live painting by local artists...
- Ella Russel!
- Isobel Jones!
- Faye Haley!
* Inter-dimensional News camera crews!
* Strangely Moving Silent Ones and other off-stage performers


== Baby Vanga ==
Long ago deep in mountains, a prophecy was told of a prophet baby that would be born and sent back in time to cry a prophetic wah wah. It is this that the band Baby Vanga, a 5 piece from south London now brings to the Sidereal Ziggurat. You need not speak for you will hear pictures of 60s/70s paradise. Baby Vanga will bring you the taste of exotic tangerines and feel of funky feather daydreams.

== Roxalas ==
A fresh new 7-piece band with harmonies, horns and world rhythms. With uplifiting original tunes - already building a following.
See -

== Hill ==
So Papa Joe Jeffrey was saying those weird Hill people will be at the Ziggurat. They was speaking of sounds and that playschool jazz - groovy. Hill are a brighton sound that receives all and gives all, all the time, and ultimately makes you shake them dances. New CD album just released!

== The Case Of Us ==
Somewhere deep within a crease in the folds of time, they travel ‘pon the backs of sparrows. With no guide but the sky they continue their boundless journey, now stopping at the Ziggurat. The Case Of Us ask a question annd maybe answer it?:
“Where do we go when we cannot?”
The one place that is all it isn’t. It's time for you to be musically respawned outside of time and space...And yet somehow feel like home.

== DJ Eggs Legs ==
Afro-latin dance tunes from this popular Brighton based groove spinner - also the front-person /band-leader of exciting home town psychedelic-tropical combo King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band

== Woody Green ==
On the fringes of the underground intergalactic folk scene, Woody Green can be found polishing his shoes to the sound of the legendary Pleiadian songwriters, the circular picking style and melancholic undertones this star cluster is known for can be found resonating from the strings of Mr Green’s guitar. Though, it is not in the sound but the silence that one can understand what Woody is about, there in the absence of space and time he finds himself transported to the great star pyramid Sidereal Ziggurat…this is where the people gather, and Woody gathers too.

== Yazmyn Hendrix == solo a capella artist who uses her voice and a loop station to create a beautiful musical environment. She is an experimental multi-genre singer and songwriter who writes simple songs about complex things; love, life, reality and dreams. Yazmyn is synaesthetic, meaning she associates each song, each word and each instrument with colours and textures; this gives her an original perspective when writing and performing. If you would like to know more about Yazmyn and hear her music visit

== Ciara Gayer == New upbeat TripHop direction from this very talented Brighton based siren, mixing with mystery-tinged blues and jazz

== Kianna Blue ==

== DJ U.F.Oberon ==

=More People=
Tarot from - Shuala Lesath (The Eyes of the Cosmic Kat)!

Live art from -
=Ella Russell=
=Isobel Jones=
=Faye Haley=

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Box Office

£5 advance and on the door