Open Sky presents 'Scorched'

9th - 13th May

1941. Egypt. WWII. An escaped German officer. A two day chase across the brutal Sahara. A triumphant capture. A hero’s return. 

1991. England. Jack reigns from the armchair of his rest home, a local legend. Decorated veteran of Tobruk. Former river warden, boxer, horse whisperer, boat builder, charmer, prolific father and husband to a very unhappy wife. Memories are, by his own hand, tattooed on his body but dementia is eroding his mind. As the Gulf War rages, the past drags him back to the scorched sands. 

Open Sky use new writing and visual physical theatre.

Touch tour available before the performance on Thursday 11th May. Please email to book.

Run time: 70mins

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£8.00 concs