5th - 8th May

Jasper has spent months alone in his cell since his brothers passed. Now a light shines through in the form of a Rose. But is his new companion all she appears to be? Locked in a prison away from anything, who is to say what is a mere story and what is a memory of a very real past? And best not to mention the dead brothers that keep resurfacing. 

After the critical acclaim of their production 'Un-titled', Artlandish Productions present their brand new play, combining the company's usual style of pathos and pithiness, 'Stones' looks at the mind's ability to make a heaven of a hell... and vice versa.

Praise for Un-titled:

**** Broadway Baby

“full of witty and truthful remarks about art today, an even balance of comedy and intelligent, thought-provoking social and critical comment.”

**** Fringe Guru

“Un-Titled is among the rarest of Fringe productions: one that’s funny – genuinely, gaspingly, stitch-inducingly funny – but intelligent and thought-provoking, too."

**** The Argus

“very clever and imaginative with some brilliantly ingenious moments”

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