Boolin, Scuffle & Tigers and Flies

16th August

Roll Up Roll Up! Head on down to The Rialto Theatre on August 16th for one special night of live music, lingering heartbreak and a great party!

Featuring the creative works of:
Boolin - Imagine a world where Time Itself slept with Kathy Bates and she lay four large eggs which hatched and played music together. Boolin would become the antithesis of that group.
Scuffle - Where is Jazz when it’s at home? Saxophone solos, perhaps? Papa’s dusty old Charles Mingus records, maybe? We think it tastes best baked into an indie four piece quiche called Scuffle.
Tigers & Flies - Kings of the jungle Tigers and Flies are coming through once again with the goods: swung jangly guitar lines melt into a gooey but firm rhythm section with a hearty topping of melodic vocal hooks that leave you wanting more. Don’t even think about missing it.

Tickets £3 OTD or £4 with an included raffle ticket to be drawn in the last set

This isn’t one you want to miss, so make sure you don’t. See you there!

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£3 OTD / £4 with raffle ticket