Haiku Salut

6th October

Cupboard Music are SO excited to welcome Haiku Salut back to Brighton!

Last time HS were in town was one of the all-time favourite shows [Cupboard Music] done, this one is a nice big end of tour party too! Since then they've been going from strength-to-strength as that album went EVERYWHERE and they later collaborated with Public Service Broadcasting on the fantastic 'They Gave Me A Lamp' from the latter's latest album, accompanying them on tour.

Here's some words about HS and their new album:

"For their first two critically acclaimed albums, Derbyshire trio Haiku Salut concerned themselves with interweaving musical genres – finding new ways to combine folk and electronica, post rock and neo-classical, and creating music that was greeted with a host of suitably wide-eyed adjectives: spellbinding, magical, beautiful…

In the midst of all this, Gemma, Louise and Sophie created their wondrous Lamp Show, in which a stageful of vintage lamps flash, flicker and fade in time to the music. And it got them thinking – if they could invent a stage show that’s like watching electronica come to life, maybe there’s something further to be discovered about the relationship between light and sound. What if you could hear light? What if you could see sound?

The result is the trio’s third album, “There Is No Elsewhere”, and this year’s Lamp Show tour. The LP’s opening track, “Cold To Crack The Stones” features a manipulation of a NASA recording of the pulses emitted by lightning. So light has been turned into sound which will then be converted back to light, as the lamps dance to the music. What will be found in the translation?

Helping them in their quest is a disco box stolen from a UFO crash site, a sci-fi glockenspiel, and an array of instruments the band have had imported from the future. So there will be a party amongst the wonder. Come and see (and hear and see/hear) this unique band stage their unique show as their powers grow ever stronger."

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