Fever Club

31st December

Wander the cold, quiet, dark, midwinter, Brighton streets on the night of the 31st of January and find yourself by a mysterious gilded doorway opposite the hushed graveyard of St Nicholas’ Church. Knock 3 times to be allowed access into a twinkling, half lit corridor hung with jewels, gargoyles and strange trinkets from far shores, the distant sound of revelry now tickling your ears........... A glamorous and surreal circus world peopled by glowing, mystical creatures, sequinned performers, sinister clowns,  and all things so very glamorously circus. We would advise obtaining permission to enter as soon as possible as numbers will be limited. All the information, inspiration and a taste of thigs to come will be posted over the next few weeks £10 Advance & £15 OTD

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£10 ADV

£15 OTD