Jouis + The Evil Usses

14th April

As the year flows by, let 2 bands from unique sonic spectrums give you an evening of auditory pleazure

Doors at 7pm, we haven't decided who's headlining yet so get down early to avoid missing anything. 



Jouis are a trio from Brighton. Harnessing the power of Owl, Geese and Falcon abilities, Jouis blend the ordinary with the out, the even with the odd, creating a delectable mix of intense groove, musical dragon chasing and rich harmonic vocals. 

Currently recording their long awaited second LP. Expect whirring, buzzing, smash bang wallop, ting ta ting ting and lots of ooooh aaahhh eeehh swoosh swish zzsssshhooomingtonium 

"This ability to effortlessly switch from the tightly structured and melodic, to spontaneous and free form and back again, is a rare gift" - The Active Listener, New Zealand

"‘Jouis play with skill, style, and with an underlying wildness that hints at some untamed aspect to their music" - Brighton's Finest


The Evil Usses are an experimental psych four-piece from Bristol who have been praised for their almost overwhelmingly wild and energetic live shows.

They are currently on their first major European tour (bringing their joyful noise as far as Greece and Croatia) in support of their new 10" mini-album Muck. With Brighton being their last stop this is a chance to catch them on FYYAAAA

“The overall effect is delightful and makes you want to punch the air. Maybe twice.” (Prog)

“Worth seeing live by all accounts.” (BBC Late Junction)

“They are one of the most exciting live acts coming out of Bristol, their shows are wild and extremely different to a lot of other bands out there.” (Jeffrey “Big Jeff” Johns)

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£5 OTD