Kymara Live w/ Amber Burgoyne / Nelson Navarro / Chloe Pamplin


We start 2020 with a real important performance by an artist Kymara we are real excited about during Independent Venue Week at Rialto Theatre

Kymara will take you on a journey through her life. Her music is a combination of Nina Simone's storytelling songs, D'Angelo's soulfulness and the purity and rawness of Janis Joplin.

With support from:

Amber Burgoyne
22 year old, Singer-Songwriter from Essex. Fusing elements of Soul, Jazz and Folk. Combining smooth acoustic guitar, sweet saxophone, storytelling lyrics and a voice “that melts your heart”. A sound that is heavily inspired by some of the female greats.

Nelson Navarro + The Blind Mice
“Rapper, singer & creator: Nelson Navarro blends rap and soul for a unique sound with irresistible vibe.
His 5-track EP debuted in 2016 to underground praise and Nelson has continued crafting his sound since with singles like ‘Brighter Days’ and ‘TIRED’. Now performing with jazz trio ‘The Blind Mice’ for added sauce

Chloe Pamplin Music
With her unapologetic authenticity, Chloe lures you in with her heartfelt tracks filled with honesty and all the feels. With a “what you see is what you get” persona, smooth yet feisty vocals and lyrics straight from the soul she presents her shameless love for pop with hints of gospel, dark atmosphere and synthy goodness.

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