Paradise 9 & Rokurokubi


Paradise 9 are a four- piece rock band based in London and Brighton. Formed in 1997 by singer songwriter Gregg McKella, they released their first album “Showtime” in 1998. Presently they are recording their 3 rd album “Science Fiction Reality”, and are imminently about to release a topical digital single from the new album, “Deconstruct, Divide and Rule”.

Their music brings a chilled yet punchy approach to the rock genre sound, taking inspiration from psychedelic and progressive bands like Pink Floyd, Gong, and Hawkwind. It fuses proto and post punk from the Ramones through to theClash, and the Psychedelic Furs.

Rokurokubi inhabit their own through-the-scrying-mirror dream world. Lyrically each song is a complete horror story, giving just enough detail to set the imagination trembling. Psychedelic folk-rock with a doom-metal soul, the music suggests a gnarlier version of early Kate Bush.

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