Satch Satchell presents 'E.P.I.S.O.D.A.'


Fresh off industry shows in Nashville and London at The BBC, The first public live show of E.P.I.S.O.D.A. had to be in Brighton!

Satch plays his original, pre-testosterone vocal recording as a backing track whilst - essentially - duetting with himself live, while bespoke music videos for E.P.I.S.O.D.A. play on stage behind the musicians, creating a truly immersive experience across different mediums.

Supported by a gifted backing band, Satch recreates the record in such a way that satiates and intrigues. Marrying alternative pop with R’n’B, the young performers put on a show -and offer a sound - as original as the artist himself.

Support act - TBA

Stream E.P.I.S.O.D.A. here!

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Tickets - £10