Town of Cats Begin 2019! feat: Jorge's Hot Club + More TBA

14th March

Low and behold! A gig. A little noisy affair. Boom boom parp it'll go. Yes.
LADIES and GENTLEMAN we are rolling out our own matt and getting down to business with our touring for 2019! So happy to be kicking it off in Brighton, getting down with our little salty family!

Be prepared though, because we've got that rotten lot JORGE'S HOT CLUB coming to be all 'good at their instruments' and 'make people dance and have fun'.

More acts TBA. Probably only one but we'll see.

VIDEO LAUNCH! We are launching a video on this day for WALLS featuring Siggi Mwasote! She is our queen and we are very excited! Who knows, maybe rialto has a projector. If not we'll all stand and watch on our phones. Sick.

We have new songs to play you and stupid amounts of energy that we've stored up over winter by eating mainly nuts and seeds.

Let's party like it's a Thursday in March people.

Ticket link available soon.

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