Fable: Chapter ii

5th April


A 'Fable' explores creations with limitless borders.
We explore the enchanting musical mutiny that is enlightening
the world. A new generation giving birth to organic, highly
danceable, cultural-infused music.


Come along and experience the second chapter.

◑Chapter ii◑

◐Line up◑
El Búho (UK)
Atimos (BRA)
Woodii Bronson (UK)



El Búho
UK born, Robin Perkins AKA El Búho is now based in Paris but spent the last two years living, working, playing and producing music in México City. El Búho’s, with his music, seeks to bridge the gap between Latin American rhythms, digital bleeps, bass and birds.



A craftsmen of organic loops, a one man orchestra playing, recording and mixing traditional wooden instruments in real time, taking South American folklore and Andean music to the future.


Atimos is a Brazilian-born DJ and producer, based in London, dedicating his research to regional rhythms from all over the world. His actual research focuses on the roots of Brazilian sounds, with the aim of revitalizing them using electronic music as the common denominator.



Woodii Bronson

Woodii Bronson, the Fable curator is a Brighton-based electronic producer and DJ, a lover of animals, panpipes and all things exotic. Expect slow rolling basslines, scattered percussion alongside Latin American instrumentation and an array of field recordings.




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