Yatao // handpan & didgeridoo - Brighton / Album Release Tour

19th September

YATAO - path of integrity - Album Release Tour




Yatao - is handpan/didgeridoo duo from Berlin. 
Since Malte & Alex have met the first time they are work together with great passion and dedication to their music, 
with which they now are touring through Europe.

The Handpan, the didgeridoo and more percussion instruments in the luggage, they go every time again on an inner journey through their friendship and their emotional landscapes. 
Fluently improvised music sets are reflecting the colorful sound of the present moment.

Their concerts are much more 
than just a performance of their music. 
They are a place of coming together, forgetting and remembering, letting go and understanding. 
A place where everyone feels easy to be - nothing to need.
Separated from the financial possibilities of the audience
Yatao concerts are always donation-based.

When emotional realities are flying in freedom, 
disharmonies are merging into harmonies,
melodies are floating around each other and are becoming one -
then you are with us - Yatao.

Photo by
Davïd Dollmann

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