A Life Twice Given

27th Oct

David and Lisa lead a blessed life in rural Virginia; children, a summer-house by the river, warmth and laughter. Then their worst nightmare happens and their eldest son is killed. Utterly distraught, David enlists the help of an unconventional Rabbi and, by dangerously mixing age-old religious belief with cutting edge genetic science, a new son is cloned from the old one.

A happy family life resumes but then disturbing things start to happen. The boy feels odd. The parents puzzlingly disconnected. Is nature fighting back? Is David's arrogance in playing God backfiring?

Based on the book by David Daniels. 

Award winning playwright Gail Louw has her plays performed throughout the world. Her plays include; Shackleton's Carpenter, The Mitfords, Being Brahms, Blonde Poison (Argus Award, Brighton Festival), Two Sisters, Duwayne (Best New Play, Brighton Festival), Miss Dietrich Regrets (UK and South Africa winning the Naledi Best Actress Award) and the Czech Republic. Two anthologies of Gail's plays are published by Oberon Books. Her latest play The Ice Cream Boys and Shackleton's Carpenter both play at Jermyn St Theatre in London's West End in Autumn 2019.

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