Bernard Shaw Invites You


Bernard Shaw Invites YOU on a joyous romp through the life and times of that brilliant Irish literary and political icon - G.B.S.

An award-winning, critically acclaimed, one-man show created and performed by Paddy O'Keeffe, inspired by Neil Titley and directed by Martin Nichols. Our journey begins on July 26th 1946 with Shaw celebrating his 90th birthday. We are transported in time, first to his arrival in London seven decades earlier and thence through his experiences in publishing, in politics, in play-writing, philandering and polemics until the Great War intervenes. At which point he is closely questioned about his childhood, his women and his beliefs, in an attempt to discover the real Bernard Shaw behind the public persona of GBS, which he describes as "My most successful work of fiction!"

You will laugh, you may cry, you may even be inspired to change the world. Sit tight and enjoy the ride!

"An unusually compelling performance ... the best you can ask of a piece of theatre" Phil Mellows

"The charismatic Paddy O'Keeffe...a great actor and a great will reflect on your life, which has just received a new meaning" Veronica Lazar, remotegoat

"A rare theatrical exploration of the Irish literary icon" Times of India

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