Merchant of Venice

24th June

“A stage where every man must play a part …”. Sussex-based coastal touring theatre company, Bowler Crab, bring their 12th Shakespearean production to Sussex, Kent and London this summer. The Merchant of Venice is an edgy comedy filled with romance, laughter and the odd tear. Three love stories roll into one as we follow young lovers on a voyage to woo the women of their dreams, borrowing money to take a riddle-like suitor’s challenge; but how happy will their ending be when a friend must pay their debt to an unmerciful enemy? How accountable can friendship be when wagered with of a pound of human flesh? The lovers marry before coming together to save their friend from death, their new wives disguising themselves as law men to outwit the unmerciful Jewish merchant, Shakespeare’s most unsettlingly victimised villain. A comedy of contrasts, one full of romance, riddles, disguises, song and dance but also one that questions the topics of race, class, worth, gender, religion and, ultimately … revenge.

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