Canned Aid Presents: An Evening of New Theatre

24th April

Canned Aid presents an evening of new writing in theatre, come join the fun and support the Brighton Foodbank

Confirmed in our line up so far we have:

'Shirley the Middle Aged Siren
-songs and stories about her life at sea'
By Debbie Bridge

'The Princess'
By Liz Margereson

'Sleeping in Poynter'
A show devised and performed by Leoni Amandin

About Leoni Amandin:
A Swiss actress and theatre maker with a passion for social and political projects. Leoni graduated from European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College in September 2018. She works with puppets, comedy and circus elements to create fascinating shows that entertain but also challenge audiences. Leoni fiercely advocates acceptance, openness and otherness. She doesn’t restrict herself to one art form to achieve this. Still a dreamer, she believes we can make the world a better place. Her aim is to make sure all the messages she sends out with her work are healthy, loving and heartfelt.
Her international acting credits on screen and in theatre include Youth by Paolo Sorrentino, Sandrine by Nicholas Greinacher and Traffik by Planet B Productions. She also won Best of Acting at TalentScreen 2018. Currently Leoni can also be seen in Come To Daddy with Living House Theatre.


About Sleeping in Poynter:

Are you scared of the man sleeping outside the station on his side? His sleeping bag over his face to hide? Do you sometimes wonder about his life? Where he has been and what’s coming for him?

A touching educational puppetry solo for the whole family. What does homelessness actually mean and how does it affect people? Lots of overwhelming questions. A multitude of answers. Sleeping in Poynter is inspired by real stories and brought to life with quirky puppets. It offers a different perspective and better understanding of how anyone might end up, get stuck and survive in their unfortunate situation.

Disclaimer: Through puppetry and storytelling this show tackles the topic of homelessness, which some may find upsetting.

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