Cinebra: a History of Horror

31st October

Movie lovers Sophie & Megan invite you to their seminar on the history of horror cinema, according to them! After a vintage shopping trip with the most popular girl in college: Abigail Swanson, it becomes apparent that Megan has acquired a haunted necklace, and as the seminar progresses, a threatening supernatural force begins to rear its head. As Sophie & Megan's own horror narrative begins to unravel, they wonder who will be the 'Final Girl?'

A multimedia frenzy featuring live scares and unforgettable songs, this unique hybrid horror musical comedy will leave you convulsing in terror and delight!

This show will not only give you the shivers, but also leave you humming away out the theatre with its original soundtrack, including the hit parody cover of Rebecca Black's internet blunder 'Friday' based on Friday 13th!

"Melodies contagious as a George Romero zombie movie, lyrics as sharp as Freddie Krueger's blades" - Broadway Baby 4 Stars

"Extremely clever, bringing in tropes from Scream, Carrie & The Exorcist." -

"Cleverly written and magically performed... You don't need to like the horror genre to bask in its glory" - The Reviews Hub 4.5 Stars

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