Cinebra: A Christmas Presence

13th December

Your favourite "adorkable" duo with a mutual love of movies have come together to bring you their second feature length show! Sophie and Megan will educate and entertain you through songs and speech, on all the festive Yuletide films of current, and old!

Sophie and Megan have been friends since the summer of year 4; Sophie a shy-awkward coeliac asthmatic and Megan a social asthmatic with a keen interest in driving their YouTube channel to stardom. 

They now find themselves in their second year of college and a lot has changed, Sophie is prioritising her college work, and Megan kills time with her unwelcoming hipster pals. It’s nearly Christmas and Sophie is excited, however Megan is not so keen on the holidays, as we walk through all the the reasons to be Merry and Gay, Megan's reasons behind her 'Yuletide sadness’ unravel! Will Sophie be able to save Megan’s Christmas spirit? Come and find out!

“Magically performed” -
ReviewsHub ★★★★1/2

“Extremely clever.” –

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