Hansel & Gretel

12th Dec

Quirky and engaging, Lantern Light’s charming re-telling of the classic fairy-tale will have you hunting for pebbles, clapping to the polka and singing along with the Forest Song!

In an exciting new script, Lantern Light’s ‘Hansel & Gretel’ turns the evil stepmother into a tragic heroine, the hapless woodcutter into a harassed father and follows  two awkward children through their adventures and lessons in life…

Remaining true to all the elements of the original fairy-tale, Hansel & Gretel brings new wit and character to the family in the myth and with a modern sensibility creates a show, which is both an exciting adventure and a heart-warming family story. Ultimately the play champions the traditional Christmas values of learning not to be selfish, loving your family and not always getting what you want.

For ages 5+ . Families with older audience members will have just as much fun joining in with the show, as well as the younger children, who often come dressed as fairy-tale characters.

"Expertly told.... a parable about growing up and dealing with what life has to throw at you. It's a brave show that doesn't hide behind lighting trickery... we get to see the actors close up, where every gesture and word counts." - The Latest, Jeff Hemmings

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Box Office

£12.00 adults

£10.00 concessions

£40.00 family ticket