Let's Have a Look at What You Could've Won!

26th February

Written by Jon Dixon. Featuring Jolyon Dixon, Steve Evans and Carol Kentish.

'Is it a play? Is it a quiz? - Who cares??'

It's a quiz night at the Saltwell Arms in Gateshead and Quiz Master Dave is in Fine Voice, absly assisted by Simon. The fun and games are in full swing, but something else is going on. Life is about to change dramatically for our genial host. Dave runs the pub with his wife Jenny. She lives in the flat above and he lives in the backyard in the caravan they won twenty years ago on a quiz show 'Bullseye'.

Find out how life has changed since that heady night in central studios and what that means for Dave. This quiz night, 'Let's Have a Look at What You Could've Won' is one act comedy homage to the land of faed pubs, trivia and of course the legendary game show 'Bullseye'. It's the only play in town where you can actually win prizes! So, enjoy the show and play along with the quiz for real, as booze is on offer for the winning team!

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Entry strictly by 1 drink from Bacall's Bar