Happy Hour

8th June

It’s more than an hour, and it’s not always happy. 

A dark comedy…

One man’s odyssey, to save his son and his own sanity,
from the sinister forces he’s exposed them both to. (formerly “Licence”)

A spellbinding event” Maurice Hindle (Writer, Educator, Editor)

Bernie wants his pub to be “child friendly”, a party atmosphere, a sort of… Santa’s Grotto, with himself as Father Christmas. But he’s so busy making his dream come true, that his own ten year-old son, Teddy, doesn’t get a look in. Blind to his son’s need for love, his wife’s need for moderation and his best friend’s need for honesty, Bernie sails his prized ship, The Toby, directly and decisively, onto the rocks. Funny, full of laughter, moving, disturbing, poignant, and emotionally satisfying.
One man’s odyssey, to save his son and his own sanity, from the sinister forces he’s exposed them both to.

5 Stars. (Latest 7)
4 Stars (Fringe Review)
4 Stars (Three weeks)

Written and performed by Jonathan Brown

Winner: Best Male Performer, Brighton Fringe 2013
Nominated: Best Male Performer, Brighton Fringe 2007
Winner: Best New Play Award, Brighton Fringe 2012
Shortlisted: Best New Play Award, Brighton Fringe 2013

Directed by

Denise Evans
BEST ACTRESS (nom) Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Awards for A View From the Bridge
BEST ACTRESS (nom) Manchester Evening News North West Theatre Awards for Decadence
BEST ACTRESS NSDF Sunday Times Theatre Awards for Decadence
Director of “Memoirs of a Hermaphrodite” and many more.

Including Music performed & recorded by James Waters

5 Stars “A perfect piece of fringe theatre. Writer/actor Jonathan Brown takes you on a complex, funny and harrowing journey. Bernie…. is portrayed brilliantly by Brown, who plays with equal plausibility and pathos his neglected son, brash wife, lust interest and various drunken regulars. Brown has a terrific eye for social observation and his one man show is a profoundly moving piece of theatre. If you’re only going to see one play this festival, you’d be hard pressed to beat this.” Latest 7 Magazine, Brighton Fringe 2010.

More info: http://www.somethingunderground.co.uk/licence/

Contains strong language. Suitable for 13+ yr olds.

We were both really impressed with both the script and the performance. You are a wonderful, wonderful storyteller and totally captivated us. I thought you managed the multiple characters with elegance and the physical and vocal characterisation was very strong. I loved the humour, the darkness, the dangerous territories and the power of the message. I felt in that intimate space we were seeing you unravel a part of your soul….wish you every success for the rest of the run. I hope many people come to see it, for their benefit as well as yours.” Anita Sullivan, Playwright.

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