12th October

A bawdy and fun tale of a very warped kind!

To heal, or not to heal? Is that a question? To err is human! Does that even make sense? Therapy plays host to a disparate bunch of characters seeking these very answers.

A combination of farcical theatre and warped word play guide the audience on an immersive journey through the eyes of the residents at the OSHIT centre (‘Orpady School of Higher Insight Training’;) Delightfully led by a zany new-age hippie and her darker counterpart ‘Dr Mortar’, the residents are put through a series of bizarre psychiatric and physically ridiculous holistic treatments, in a bawdy tale of self-discovery.

After a sell-out run at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton 2015, La La Theatre bring a reimagined, re-scribed and a re-cast version of Therapy. Written and directed by Tara Harley this multi layered comedy can be enjoyed by young adults, old adults, adults who are kids at heart and kids over the age of 13.

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