LNS Records presents: Drunk!

15th August

Late Night Straggler Records Presents Drunk! written by Jack Evans. Drunk tells the story of 4 men; Just A Kid the 18 year-old first time bar tender, Boss Man the new duty manager, Numbers the ever present alcoholic propping up the bar and Friday 5 O'Clock the business man who comes in for two beers after work every Friday at 5. The play takes place over the course of one Friday afternoon in February, Just a Kid's first shift. The first time the 4 of them all meet together, and the last.

Cast - 

Just A Kid - Elliott Roberts
Boss Man - Jack Evans
Numbers - Frankie Davison
Friday 5 O'Clock - Stephen Folker
Some Doll - Amy Jessica Lawrence
Interrogator - Emily Wright

Written and Directed by Jack Evans

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Box Office

£6 + BF

£11 (£5 Optional Donation) + BF