Paradise Rocks

17th October

Original sin in the sun drenched island climes! Succumb to sweet temptation in this new musical that adapts John Milton's 17th century epic account of man's first disobedience into a Hawaiian Elvis movie from 1960. 

Meet Adam, heir to the Club Eden Holiday Camp empire; Eve, his blushing fiancee, struggling to resist the unruly passions beneath her wholesome exterior; and meet Danny Morningstar, rock'n'roller, rebel and reprobate, whose arrival in Paradise spells trouble for this innocent outpost of the American Dream.

Debuting at the King's Head Theatre, London this summer, this show from writer composer Simon Indelicate, from The Indelicates and author of the theologically dense fringe comedy hit, "The Book of Job: The Musical!" promises toe tapping exotica, English literature in jokes, people clearly too old to convincingly play teenagers and low down, dirty rock'n'roll! 

Club Eden is waiting here for you!


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