Time and Time Again...


Time and Time Again...

Sunday 3 November 2019, 5pm

£13 / £11 concs.


Pitchy Breath Theatre Company present a collection of new short plays from local writers looking at our past, the present and a future yet to come. Each of the plays is a winning entry in Pitchy Breath's 'What's Your Story?' playwriting competition held as part of the Horsham District Year of Culture. 


A Love-letter from the Time of Borderism to the Time of Nuclear Fallout

Written by Natasha Collie / Director to be announced

A couple approaching their wedding day prepare their speeches but their minds are on bigger ideas.



Written by Keir Gilbert-Halladey / Directed by Tim Fifield

A playwright is visited by the Ghosts of Writer's Block Past, Present and Future as they battle with their latest creation.


Gorgeous Like Something with Antlers

Written by Natasha Collie / Director to be announced

If the love of your life begged for a second chance, would you take them back or stick with their best bits?


In Limbo

Written by Gaëlle Stark-Ordish / Directed by Ella Sowton

A life-changing decision brings four estranged friends back together.



Written by Elodie Foray / Directed by Bradley Barlow

One's a star and the other's a speck, but together they could change the universe forever...



Written by Izzy Radford / Directed by Tim Fifield

A delayed train makes two women form an unlikely duo on an empty platform.


Pitchy Breath produces bold, limitless and new theatre productions from local writers and directors toured across Sussex and Surrey. 


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