AM x NS Pride Special: A.G & Manara, k means b2b i-sha + VASCHA (Live)


Accidental Meetings & New Scenery team up to bring you a Pride Special!
Officially Pride may of been cancelled, but truly it really has not.
Topping the bill, we have the two queens of blends, A.G & Manara with a Beauty Blender Special. If you've tuned in to their show, you will know what's up, check it!
They'll be joined by the eclectic k-means going toe to toe with AM's i-sha, they've been dreaming of this set for Pride so strap yo selfs in.
New Scenery mega b3b round off the bill with an all killa no filla power hour to see the night off.
Oh and there's even more to be announced, stay tuned x

Line UP:
Beauty Blender (A.G & Manara)
k-means b2b i-sha
New Scenery b3b (Jasper Jarvis, Sow, Marni Tempo)
+ More tba

£7 Tickets
£10 OTD
** Limited tickets for this event, majority will be OTD as usual **
Artwork by Marnie Hamilton.

* We adhere to and implement a safe(r) space policy at this night. This means people should be aware that this night is a space free of judgement and persecution. We do not tolerate hate: sexism, transphobia, racism, ableism, ageism etc. Try not to assume a persons pronouns, just ask if you aren't sure. Respect eachother, respect the space. Play nice. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable in any way please do not hesitate to approach one of us wearing a NS/AM sticker and we will be able to help you.

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£7 Tickets
£10 OTD