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12th August 2022


+ Support from Maximilian
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DJ set until 2AM

We are honoured to be hosting a very special show at one of Brighton's best and most unique independent venues, the Rialto Theatre, on the release day of our debut album 'Honey From The Wasp Nest'.

Whilst having been close friends for over 10 years, it was only at the end of 2019 when we came together to start playing music, working on songs and gearing up for those first gigs. Into 2020 and the first shows put on the shelf, the gathering momentum came to a pause.

April 2020 my grandad passed away, a huge character and inspiring life force for myself, my family and everyone who got to know him. The loss was devastating but out of the grief and difficulties came a determination to keep writing, an exercise that provided very helpful in processing the situation. That summer I wrote my open-hearted and exposing songs. These songs became our debut album.

Recording began at the end of 2020, recording the album live in the grandeur Brighton Electric, locked away in the vaults of the studio. Produced by Joseph Thorpe and recorded over 4 days, we are so proud of what we managed to capture. The album is a document, not only to the hardship and anger of loss but also a testament to myself, Harvey and Joe's strong friendship.

It is a dream come true to play our album in the beautiful Rialto Theatre and we invite you to join us for a really special night.

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