The Illustrious Blacks

7th August 2022

1BTN has always been a huge supporter of Brighton Pride and all that it stands for and this year we are delighted to be taking part in the legendary and coveted Pride march once again. We are also super stoked to announce that we are going to be joined on the parade by Brooklyn's favourite creative couple, The Illustrious Blacks!
With inspiration from artists like Prince, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Depeche Mode and George Clinton, The Illustrious Blacks have arrived with a mission to fuse futuristic funk, hypnotic house, space disco and synth-pop into pulsating positivity for the planet. The real life married couple are not only co-pilots on their artistic voyage, but are united in their fantastical journey through life.
Following the parade we head back to one of our favourite Brighton hot spots for the best FREE PARTY of the weekend! The Rialto Theatre will play host once more as we have The Illustrious Black live, ably supported by 1BTN residents. You know the deal by now, two floors and a hands in the air, jump up celebration of one of the most iconic and important celebrations of queer culture in the world!
DJ support comes from :
Balearic Ultras
Clara Suess
Jay Chappell
Jayne Winstanley
Love Is The Message
Martha Cleary
Nick Subtle
Anya Lux
This will be a day to remember! Come and celebrate with us.
We will be asking for a £5 donation on the door. All profits will be donated to Pride charities.

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