Foo Foo Fighters


Brighton's premier burlesque troupe returns to the Rialto Theatre for one night only! Providing an eclectic assortment of award-winning Burlesque acts, ranging from classical to neo, nerd-lesque to gore-lesque, each titillating performance will be unique from the last and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Best of Cabaret Lab


For 5 years Cabaret Lab has been the ultimate testing ground for professionals and newbies alike to try experimental acts & new material in front of a supportive audience. As a result, we have seen some of the strangest, quirkiest and wildest acts from across the South!

Lionel & Cindy: The Greatest Love Story

29/05/2021- 31/05/2021

Join Lionel and Cindy as they find each other, themselves and a grape deal of silliness. 2 characters enrol on an adventure only the bravest of us are willing to take. Prepare for your heart to melt, break and skip a beat as we witness the greatest Rom-Com the universe has ever seen!

The Richard Filby Spectacle


World famous Richard Filby is bringing his one-man show to Brighton Fringe. This one-man variety show brings some world-class juggling, spontaneous humour and nerve-racking stunts.

Growth of the Silk


The intimate ensemble features just two performers of Soprano and Dancer with a small ensemble of guitar, bass, and percussion. The opera seamlessly moves through a fusion of light lyric soprano and contemporary, Latin enthused choreography as the characters explore themes of ‘techno narcissism’ and fairy tale escapism set to a sparse Brechtian set, nothing more than soundscapes, lighting, and a barber’s chair.

Why I Am An Avocado

05/06/2021- 06/06/2021

Queer narratives, characters and confessions tie together with the question we all ask: what makes me an avocado? 

Chamberlain: Peace in our Time

6th-9th June 2021

 This critically acclaimed five star production, centres around the personal tests and battles encountered by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in the run up to his famous declaration of war. 

The clock is slowly ticking towards eleven o'clock and the great appeaser has failed to secure peace with Germany. Churchill sits broodily in the next room awaiting his moment of destiny. Meanwhile the BBC play light and uplifting music in an effort to raise morale. Brilliantly capturing a pivotal moment in our history, with WW2 songs added throughout. "Leeson in the title role is absolutely phenomenal " Broadway Baby 2017.

After All These Years


A new comedy drama about two retired showbiz couples whose close relationships finally begin to crack when one of them has a late-life crisis.

The After Dark Cabaret & Burlesque Show

11th & 12th June 2021

Join Miss Carmen Aurora and The After Dark Team for a glamorous evening of cabaret and burlesque right in the heart of Brighton.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

05/06/2021, 12/06/2021

A compelling one-man show faithfully adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson's classic mystery tale of the conflict between good and evil.


11/06/2021- 13/06/2021

Lady Christina, an old-school drag artist, returns to the green room after another performance in another venue above another pub. It’s the 44th birthday of Chris Laneghan, the man behind the drag persona, and he’s facing a midlife crisis, uncertain about whether to ditch the drag and fearful of life without it. As the make up comes off, he looks in the mirror and sees his father’s face looking back at him. It's the trigger to finally confront his past, reclaim his identity and face the future with pride.

Diary of an Expat

12th-13th June 2021

DIARY OF AN EXPAT is a solo show directed by Katharina Reinthaller (Labels, Fringe First Winner 2015), telling the comic story of the encounter between modern migrant Cecilia and London - a contemporary El Dorado craved by generations of young Europeans. 

When she arrived in the UK from Italy nine years ago, with a suitcase full of hopes, dreams and bags of pasta, Cecilia’s mission began: trying to become British whilst remaining deeply Italian. She started her exciting life abroad with thrilling adventures, a successful career and a vibrant urban lifestyle... kind of.